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How we started: was first just another idea of my Dad's, when in 1997 he suggested to me that I created a website about Penarth, providing local information, photos and a business directory. It looked a promising business opportunity, but at that time however I was busy with school studies and my Dad was working as an IT contractor abroad. 

On 14th June 2000 was finally started by myself and was launched on 24th July 2000 with my web design business Penarth Online. At that time only received 100 visitors a day with the help of local publicity in the Penarth Times later that August.

Since then the site has significantly moved on, with many developments and improvements to get it where it is today. We are constantly receiving an increasing number of visitors, which has now totaled an excess of 100,000 hits! 

Much of this has been the result of continued improvements and updates and the sheer fact and local knowledge that this is a Penarth based website, unlike many other template websites based elsewhere (even the so called local paper is based in Newport!). Also much credit is due to the organisations and individuals who have helped out in providing information for the site and continue to do so (feel free to email me with any info you would like on the site!).

The site is mainly funded by myself, as well as advertisers and local sponsors. Obviously the more people continue to contribute and visit the more this site will grow and benefit the local community.

I hope you've enjoyed visiting the site, as I and the rest of the team have creating it.

Sam Gould. 

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